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We help build consciousness and inspire you to take steps forward in your life.

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what you do today can improve all your tomorrows

In this course, you’ll uncover what truly matters to you and your strengths, and you’ll gain practical tools to apply this insight to your daily life. Dive into what drives you, both professionally and personally. Are you aligned with your passions? Are you making the most of your talents at work? Perhaps you’re seeking something different. But what exactly? And how do you get there?

We’re here to guide you toward answering these crucial questions: to discover your own Life Compass. Because to find happiness and thrive in every aspect of life, having a clear understanding of who you are, your desires, strengths, and how to implement them is key.

At the very least, you’ll finish with the deepest sense of understanding of what you want in life, and a stronger plan to get there.


“You’ve struck gold with this course. I believe this course is for everyone who is open to make the best of their life.”


The interaction with people from different backgrounds who gave different perspectives and input was so valuable. This course is awesome.”


This course will teach you to:

Be conscious

Through insights into yourself, you get better understanding of you, others and situations. With this consciousness it’s easier to make choices that align with your heart and soul.

Be authentic

Know who you are: why are you here, what is important to you and how to put this into practice. The course helps you build confidence and courage. We can all use a little of that sometimes.

create your plan

Create your Life Compass, a personal guide that helps you to live your life the way you choose! You set goals and make a plan around them. A plan that gets you excited!

Live your compass

We can all make plans… But how do we stick to them? Knowing how to start your journey and how to stay on track when things get rough, is extremely important. We help set you up for success!

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We run multiple open courses a year, in both English and Dutch. Venue: online.
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september ’24 EDITION

The Life Compass course consists of 6 sessions + a one on one coaching session. Looking for a tailor made edition for your organisation? Find out more here.




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“The life compass course is more than a training, it’s a journey where you receive the right tools and insights to define your own personal strategy and make more conscious decisions in work and life.”



“At first I thought: Do I need this course? But, it brought me so much more than I could have hoped for. Even when you feel you have it all covered, the course is incredibly valuable. To me it was about consciousness and a re-evaluation of what I believe and stand for in life and how I can act (even) more accordingly.”



“Positive, incredibly enjoyable, and not too heavy. Using Zoom wasn’t a hindrance at all; the group dynamics were optimal. It really put me on track, with this baggage it’s up to me now.”


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About the trainers

Carmen (left) and Myres (right) are both trainer and coach. They met in Singapore a few years ago. These ladies had an instant connection in their passion for authentic leadership and how to navigate your best life. They created the Life Compass course to share with others what they learned and what has brought them and many others, an uplift in consciousness, motivation and resilience.