sharpen your saw

an opportunity after the life compass course

Secure your check in moment and gain motivation and focus where you could use it, to follow through on your plans! To live your life the way you want. We can all use a bit of support sometimes, hey?

for who

Sharpen Your Saw sessions take place 3 times a year and are specially designed for former participants of the Life Compass course. The sessions are meant to help you step out of the rat race and check in with yourself and your plans. Are you still on track? What could you use help on? Wat success did you already achieve, big or small? As all success starts with taking a first step. And of course we make sure you leave with lots of fresh inspiration & motivation!


check in point

In the hustle & bustle of every day life, it’s not always easy to follow through on the plans and perhaps changes that you planned for. Use this check in point to see how you are rolling.

Sharpening your plans

Maybe you notice while on the go, that some plans or elements are slightly off, that you’ve gained new insights. Sharpen your plans and Life Compass so they really work for you.

confidence & be proud

Sometimes we don’t realise the important (small) steps that we have already taken! The feeling of success and confidence in all that you want to be and do, is key. So let’s have a look at what you have already achieved!

Inspiration and new perspectives

Get inspired again by multiple perspectives and the power of a diverse group on the same journey.


Our Sharpen Your Saw sessions are now in Dutch. We might add English sessions in the near future! Let us know if you’re interested. Next (Dutch) opportunity to join:

May 22 2023

The package consists of 3 sessions.
Next 3 sessions are:

22 May ’23

11 September ’23

22 January ’24

Contact us for more details.

Investment in time and money


Sharpen your saw comes in a package of 3 online sessions in 12 months time:

  • In January, May and September
  • Duration is 2,5 hours per session
  • You can start your cycle of 3 sessions in either January, May or September


As our invoices are issued from Singapore, the SGD rate is leading:

  • For companies 500 SGD (~350 EUR, subject to exchange rate) per person
  • For private participants 350 SGD (~250 EUR, subject to exchange rate) per person

Register for sharpen your saw or request more info: